Meet Service Dog Banjo


Hi hi hi, my name is Banjo, I am a Miniature Parti Poodle.

I come from Rockhampton breeder named Diane Hamilton. Lucky I was young enough that I was still up for grabs.

The Head Service Dog Task Trainer, Hannah Richards, got in contact with Diane and had long conversations about me over MANY days. She even travelled up to us and did a temperament test to make sure that I was suited for the job. I was, I PASSED.

I was a older puppy BUT STILL A PUPPY. I was bought and flown down from Rockhampton to Brisbane the following week once Hannah returned back and told the people she needed to and I began my basic training and slowly going into public.

I then needed to meet the person I was going to help. I met my dog mum, June. Who LOVES me so much and thinks I am PERFECT. I began to have sleepovers, weekends at first, then weeks etc. in the meantime having regular training seasons with June, myself and Hannah teaching us.

I went for my Public Access Certification Test on the (insert date) which not only tests my Public Access skills, it also tested my TASK skills. Which are mostly, due to my size, Anxiety Alerts, Light Pressure Therapy, and Medical Alert to Heart Rate.

I go for my re test very soon, But due to Covid 19 and my dog mum being a older lady its more dangerous for her to go out. But hopefully things will be changing