Bob Richards

MID, CG, RFD (Rtd)

Bob has been the CEO for Paws for Hope and Understanding Inc for the last 4 odd years. He has, with the assistance of his daughter, moved the Organisation to Charity not for Profit and DGR.

Bob Served in the Australian Army for 15 years and went into the Life Underwriting industry for several years culminating in obtaining a Business Management Degree from the Adelaide University. He used this degree when he moved to Queensland and was appointed State Welfare Director of a Ex Service Organisation.

He is qualified also as a facilitator through the Gallipoli Foundation and has appeared at Veteran Review Board and Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

He established a telephone call line in Rockhampton to assist veterans with mental conditions in Rockhampton in 1979.

He then raised his own group carrying out Advocacy for Veterans established in 1992, some 29+ years ago. His motto is “Winning the PEACE”

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