Meet Service Dog Raven


My name is Raven, I’m a White Swiss Shepherd and the daughter of Faith.

My Service Dog journey began the moment I was born really. I was always curious about EVERYTHING. I was also the first puppy to plan my escape from the whelping box (hehe). I’m an out there girl and always want to see things, but I can be still a little bit cautious about things when I am in a new place for the first time but I get over that quickly.

I started toilet training at about 6- 8 weeks and learning to go on command, which I picked this up within about a week. I learned how to do basic obedience commands and to be social around things. I was ready to meet my new person and then COVID-19 happened instead
This changed things for EVERYONE, my new person couldn’t get me anymore because he was in another state and he choose to pass on me. I stayed with The Head Service Dog K9 Task Trainer and learned how to do my job, learned how to go into public places, public transport, cafes, work around dogs etc.

Then in 2021 I meet my new Veteran handler who I am going to help (Bill Markell). He already has fallen in love with me and has gotten LOADS of things like toys, beds, treats etc to help me feel happy. I have had many sleep overs with him, and it has gone well, although we BOTH have much to learn, I still know more then him (hehe).

I am a Service Dog In Training still but I know how to Block, Interrupt Panic Attacks, Nightmare Interrupt, DPT (Deep Pressure Therapy), Close the Fridge, Find the Car, Find the Exit, Close the Cupboard.