Meet Service Dog Teddy


My name is Wellington but everyone calls me Teddy. I am a two and a half year old White Swiss Shepherd. I live with my many canine and feline pals and my humans.

I am really not confident around people but I am a star when it comes to any kind of surface, transport type or new experience. I am an Australian champion show dog and love herding livestock (but I do tend to have a nibble).

My favourite things are lounging on my mum and tucking into really really small spaces that defy my actually hulking frame. Since I began my journey of becoming a Service Dog for my mum, I have slowly found my confidence (although I still have a long way to go in some areas) I have improved greatly.

I am the BIGGEST pup in the Paws team so far (weighing in at a whopping 65kgs) but I’m a BIG Teddy Bear.
My Tasks include (so far)- Medical Alert, PTSD Intervention, DPT (Deep Pressure Therapy), Find the Car (which I love) and I’m learning others too