Meet Service Dog Tiber


G’day, my name is Tiber, I’m a White Swiss Shepherd, the daughter of Faith and brother to Raven.

Much like my sister Raven, my journey began from my birth, I was the one that was ALWAYS finding my way under the blankets (hehe). I was the one puppy that had the best score, but its true what they say, BOYS MATURE SLOWER THAN GIRLS, because some days I can do so well and other days I am a big baby. But I do get over it quickly and get into my job… eventually, I am a BOY!

I started toilet training at about 6- 8 weeks and learning to go on command, which I picked this up within about a week. I learned how to do basic obedience commands and to be social around things. I was ready to meet my new person and then COVID-19 happened instead
This changed things for EVERYONE, my new person couldn’t get me anymore because he was in another state and he choose to pass on me. I stayed with The Head Service Dog K9 Task Trainer and learned how to do my job, learned how to go into public places, public transport, cafes, work around dogs etc.

Then I was assigned to the CEO of Paws for Hope and Understanding Inc itself, Bob Richards, to replace his current Service Dog in Training pulled because of medical reasons. So now the job it mine
I still have LOADS to learn but I know how to Block, DPT (Deep Pressure Therapy), Interrupt Panic Attacks, Find the Car, Find the Exit, and my current new one is Crowd Control (which I’m just starting)