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Step into a world where hope and understanding transcend the boundaries of mental health conditions. PAWS For Hope and Understanding Inc. is dedicated to providing ex-defence personnel with task-trained service dogs that offer unwavering support for those navigating the challenges of mental health, specialising in PTSD.

Unleashing New Possibilities

Our task-trained service dogs are more than just four-legged companions. They have been specially trained to perform a range of life-enhancing tasks, from fetching objects to alerting and alleviating medical episodes. Individuals can reclaim their independence and find comfort in the midst of adversity.

Building Bonds, Changing Lives

The bond between our service dogs and their handlers is nothing short of extraordinary. It goes beyond companionship, instilling confidence and empowering individuals. Through their loyal presence, they help forge connections and create a sense of belonging that transcends the boundaries of mental health conditions.

Promoting Health and Well-being

Our service dogs are more than just emotional support. They assist in establishing routines, encouraging physical activity and overall well-being. By driving emotional connection, they bring joy and purpose to everyday life.

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If you or someone you know could benefit from the life-changing support of our service dogs, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Together, we can embark on a transformative journey towards healing and understanding.

You are not alone.

How We Help People Recover From Trauma

People who have been diagnosed with a mental condition, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder may experience isolation, mood swings and struggle with managing daily life and relationships. In the past, PTSD was referred to as combat fatigue, shell shock and was mostly associated with those in the Armed Forces.

In more recent years, people have come to realise that those serving in “front line” services, such as in the police, ambulance and fire services, are also at increased risk of developing a mental condition, including PTSD through what they face almost on a daily basis.

Here are some of the ways a Task Trained Service Dog can improve the lives of people living with PTSD and Trauma…

By taking an active role in training their dog, people can develop new ways of communicating.

People experience improvement in the quality of sleep as they felt reassured knowing their Tasked Trained Service Dog was looking out for them.
Depending on individual needs, a Task Trained Service Dog may be trained to perform specific tasks that can make life for their handler a little easier. These tasks include: retrieving objects, opening and closing doors, barking to indicate help is needed, finding help and leading them to their handler and assisting with balance.
The bond between Dog and Handler can help a person feel more confident engaging with the outside world and participating in social activities.
The needs of the Task Trained Service Dog can help set routines, such as going for daily walks, which can help improve physical health and overall wellbeing of a person living with mental conditions.
Relieving feelings of loneliness and isolation by providing loyal companionship. When people are engaging with a dog, people can experience an emotional connection, thus alleviating emotional numbness.

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