Advocacy For Veterans

Winning the Peace

Advocacy for Veterans was founded on the belief that “disabled Veterans needed more professional guidance in their disabilities with the DVA from start to finish”. We help you do exactly that and will work with you as the Veteran to produce a successful outcome.

We are independent of any other ex-service organisation which gives us more scope to serve the claims of the Veterans.

We believe Veterans NEED to have access to Advocates who can start the procedure, support and advise them in the matter at all levels.

Introducing Bob Richards, Peter Jones and our growing support team – the only peer support group you need since 1993 (when they commenced fighting for Veterans of all wars and peace keeping defence caused).

The AFV team are fully qualified to all levels of the appeal system.

With over 30 years experience in advocacy, they are trusted in their approach and committed to getting you the best outcome, with the least amount of pain.

Bob Richards CEO

“You sit in the back seat & we’ll drive”

Winning the Peace

– We will prepare and carry out the day to day running of your claim working with the DVA and will represent you at Veterans Review Board, and Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

– If a case is already at hand, we will be able to guide you towards a proper action to resolve the matter at all levels of appeal.

– We will prepare all the documents needed – and will remain responsible for creating a plan for handling appeals and following them through.

– We will assist you and your dependants in your dealings with DVA.

– We present your case to the best of yours and our ability, regardless of personal feelings in the matter.

– We are thorough in our understanding and interpretation of relevant laws and regulations.

– We elicit information from witnesses, including experts and evaluate factual evidence and medical opinion.

What You Need to Know

– We start from scratch and work through YOUR service and medical documents to assess the particular claims and to effectively proceed to the application. We will then send you to Doctors of your choice and a psychiatrist who has knowledge of Veterans mental conditions.

– We DO NOT get finance from DVA or other organisations therefore we DO charge a fee which is discussed between the parties before commencement.


Let’s Connect

Interviews for Advocacy for Veteran’s is by APPOINTMENT only:
Please register your interest and book an appointment here.

For any specific questions or queries please contact Bob from Advocacy for Veterans’s direct –

Ph: 0412 747 529

Military Advocacy
Bob Richards MID, CG, RFD (RTD) – Principal
Peter Jones (Associate).