Meet Service Dog Hope

Service Dog Hope


I am Christmas Hope, a 10-month-old King Charles Cavalier puppy. I’m currently working on obedience level training and early public access. I’m still an energetic puppy and have lots to learn as I progress through my training. I will eventually be tasked trained to officially help my 9yro owner with his Autism and Anxiety.

My favorite thing to do is to sit by my owner’s side, especially when its homeschooling co-op time at the Berrinba Wetlands. Being by my owner’s side gives him confidence to be social and participate in the group activities/lessons. I nudge my owner or sit on him when he starts to get anxious this quickly calms his body and mind.

 I will learn more specific tasks as my training progresses. I currently have my L plates on, but I’m more than just a pet, I’m an important potential lifesaving medical animal for my human. I’m already making a big impact. I am very much-loved part of the family.